Our team

Before I launched this business I traveled extensively, to countries far and wide, as a sales and marketing professional in the field of wood pellet manufacturing. After decades of working in this field, I joined hands with few of my friends to create a business that would not just make it easier to get wood pellets but also work towards increasing the awareness about its benefits.

Wood pellet manufacturing is a lucrative business. But more than the money there is the satisfaction that we are able to create something green, something clean. We find this as a way to give back to nature as we have all been depleting its resources fast. As more and more people got interested in this business, as more and more people started understanding the real potential of using wood pellets in place of conventional fuel our team started growing steadily. Today we have our manufacturing units located in multiple locations and our offices across the world. Whether it is a small temporary requirement you have or the need for a steady supply of wood pellets for a commercial setup we can arrange both.

A team that works to create a brand

We have a team that works to create a brand and not just a company. We have strong long-term goals that have been driving us all these years. Customer service has been our number one priority. So you can be sure that you are getting nothing but the best in terms of the pricing and quality.

A team that works to improve the customer engagement

We have a customer care team that is very active on all the popular social media platforms. So you would be able to get quick updates about the recent promotions as well as any new introductions. You can also be assured of getting your queries answered quickly.