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  • Wood Pellet

    Wood Pellet And Its Benefits As A Fuel

    Pellets are the best versions of industrial waste. Wood pellets have several benefits out of which use them as a fuel is recently one of the most popular choices. As the global demand for fuels has been increasing without a break and as the fuel sources around the world as fast depleting, there is the growing need for the use of renewable energy. Besides this, when you use the renewable energy you would also be able to cut down your energy bills a great deal.

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  • Industry

    Pellet fuel industry

    Among the major types of pellets, those made from sawdust, the fine dust from the milling and timber industries are called the wood pellets. These are made by compressing the chosen waste and then drastically reducing the moisture content. So burning the pellets can be very easy. These fast-burning pellets can then be used to generate energy thanks to their brilliant combustion efficiency.

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  • Pellet

    Pellet production has grown to be a popular business these days. With the demand for pellet fuels increasing and with the industrial wastes increasing pellet fuel production companies have also grown. These pellets are used as fuels both in the domestic and industrial areas. More »

  • hammer drills

    Pellets, in general, are made to have a uniform size and shape. Hammer drills and other similar machinery would be used so as to enforce a heavy pressure in order to give the dust particles a tight compression. The overall density and the moisture levels are maintained just right to make these pellets suitable to be used in pellet boilers as well as pellet stoves. More »

  • Efficiency

    The combustion efficiency of the fuel chosen determines how easy it is to burn the fuel. As quick burning materials, there isn't too much energy wasted merely in burning the pellets. There is not too much moisture which has to first be evaporated before burning the pellet. So they can burn and generate heat very much faster than most other fuel alternatives. More »

Benefits of wood pellet fuels

  1. Lower carbon footprint

There is carbon released during the combustion of pellets but this is very much lower than the levels released by the other fuels. Most of the renewable energy sources which are totally clean and green might require slightly longer durations for the generation of energy. But in this case, in spite of allowing a quicker process as with most of the popular fuels, it carries a low carbon footprint. So industries using the wood pellet fuel can easily tackle their carbon emission issues.

  1. There aren't any  harmful fumes released

The presence of natural sawdust and the absence of harmful chemicals makes the pellet fuels safe to work around. For binding the dust, there are no binders used. The lignin present in wood would do the work pretty well. As long as you find a reliable pellet manufacturer you can be assured of safe to use pellets.

  1. Economical

Cutting the energy bills can help reduce the operational costs a great deal. Wood pellets are affordable alternatives to the conventional fuel choices. This cost-effectiveness makes them ideal even for the smaller businesses. Fuel efficiency clubbed with the cost-effectiveness makes them excellent choices.

  1. Pellets stoves and boilers are easy to use

Some of the renewable energy generation setups come with complicated machinery. This makes them difficult to operate and maintain. In case of repairs and service, technical experts in the area would have to be called. But with pellet stoves and boilers, the process is very simple. With the ease of operation guaranteed, anyone can start using pellet fuels very much like using the popular petroleum fuels and natural gas.

The real effort lies in finding the best pellet manufacturer. Later once you have a steady source of pellets then you can easily create the setup. These stoves and boilers work quickly and can even easier to use than normal stoves. Occasional removal of the ash and the feeding of the fresh pellets would be the only task involved when using wood pellets. This is a fast growing market and so if you start early, you can tap the potential of the segment before the competition grows and before the prices start increasing.